project team
design: Oldfield Knott

architects: Detlev Heinz, Frank Iemma
interior designer: Mylene Gomes
draftsman: Ario Susanto

carpet: Shaw Contract Group
general lighting: Domain Lighting
suspended decorative ceiling: Wovin Wall from Karen Phillips and Others
wallcovering: Baresque
bathroom fixtures: Reece and Britex decorative pendants: Tom Dixon pendants from Mondoluce and Copper Pendant from Rosa Brown Agencies
furniture: Furniture Options, Elko

featured venue > kewdale tavern, perth

Kewdale Tavern
139 Kewdale Rd
Kewdale WA 6105
08 9353 1100


The Kewdale Tavern, which features a staunchly robust and industrial theme, is situated in the heart of one of Perth’s major industrial zones and caters for both ‘blue collar’ and ‘white collar’ workers.

The design of the venue has a dual focus - to be robust enough to suit the blue collar clientele of the area, while also being sophisticated enough for business executives in suites and ties. A common palette of traditional industrial materials such as concrete, steel and timber has been used in a variety of finishes to create different moods and themes.

Interior designer Mylene Gomes of Oldfield Knott describes the design as “Industrial Bling” or “Sophisticated Industrial”. Traditional industrial materials in raw or unfinished state are used on the exterior as well as the interior in unusual ways. Steel is left either in a rust finish or a micaeous iron oxide finish. Steel sections are used in the fixed Dry Bars and Liquor Display Cabinet. Plywood sections are finished in a clear lacquer coat that is used over both bars with exposed connectors. Marmoleum (normally a floor finish) is used on the bar front as well as on bench seats. These materilas contrast with the crafted, finely manufactured materials such as the glass and metal mosaic by Mosaico.

"Kewdale Tavern had to be robust to handle the blue collar clientele of the area who show up in work boots and clothing but still appeal to the businessmen to have their lunch there," remarked Mylene.

In the Sports Bar rustic copper looking tiles are used on the bar front and copper lights above contrast with the Restaurant Bar which has glass, ceramic and metallic mosaics with Tom Dixon Beat Light pendants.

The Sports Bar and the Restaurant Bar areas utilize common material and finishes in different ways whilst still ensuring the two areas harmonise as one.

The Box Bar Stool was the perfect choice in the Sports Bar and Restaurant Bar areas. With its brushed stainless steel frame and 70mm thick upholstered seat pad, it is both robust and sophisticated and blends perfectly with the Jarrah Slab End High Bar Tops.

The stainless steel frames, teak slatted Derby Square High tables and the Derby Square Stools were teamed together for more informal dining.

Derby High Table

• Brushed 304 stainless steel frame
• Teak slats
• Support beam

• Commercial indoor & outdoor application
• Cafes & Restaurants
• Bars, Taverns & Pubs

• Low maintenance • Ideal for heavy use • Strong, solid frame

Furniture Options

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