Project Team

design: Studio Y


lighting: Cult, Porcelain Bear and Ambience Lighting
Hub Furniture
fabric: Seneca Textiles

Lûmé is a fine-dining celebration of exquisite Australian produce. Honest and wild flavours are tamed and augmented: this is fundamental to the venue’s philosophy of food—and it’s décor.

As a high-end showcase for contemporary Australian cuisine, Lûmé demanded a look and feel to match the best of South Melbourne’s culinary culture. Designed by Melbourne’s StudioY, the fit out is a perfect marriage of sky-high refinement and earthy warmth.

The textures of the space are as harmonious and accented as the plates served. Smooth, refined elegance is on show, but primal elements are given space to peek through. Warm copper and rustveined marble are contrasted with timber and enveloping brick that’s been exposed in jagged lines.

A cultivated vertical herb garden freshens the atmosphere, along with the live lemon tree that grows in the indoor courtyard. There are earthy marble tables scattered around the indoor courtyard, contrasting the timber tables in the main dining area.

The timber tables in the main dining area all have ‘skirts’ instead of table cloths and have chamfered edged table tops, creating a refined and feminine contrast. There are low sheer curtained panels in the main dining area acting as gentle dividers without obstructing the view from the kitchen and bar.

The ‘skirted’ tables together with the low sheer panels are a light and soft contrast to the enveloping textured bricks, and create the feeling of floating dancers in the space.

Throughout, a luminescent essence is retained and even intensified by the sophisticated presentation. The feature light pendant scattered throughout the space are locally made, some are made from earthy clay and some are made from gentle white porcelain enhancing the
earthy/refined dining experience in Lûmé.