Project Team

Design: Michael Moore
Consultant: Mark McConnell from MIMA
Music: Nightlife

A cosmopolitan oasis revolving high above the city, O Bar and Dining
offers the urbane style and vibe of some of the world’s hottest venues
with a view that is unmistakably Sydney.

From the moment the elevator doors open onto O Bar and Dining’s buzzing atmosphere, sleek interiors and panoramic 360° views, it is clear that this is set to become one of Sydney’s go-to venues.

Throughout its vast circular layout, O Bar and Dining features a space to suit any occasion. Whether it’s a meal with friends, a special occasion in the elegant private dining room or late night dining and cocktails in the bar, O Bar and Dining is the place for a cool and sophisticated night out in the heart of Sydney.

With varied spaces under the one roof, each with a unique menu offering, an evening in O Bar and Dining takes you on a journey without having to leave the venue at all.

Owned by internationally renowned chef and author Michael Moore, O Bar and Dining bears a sleek, modern interior, every detail of the luxurious venue hand picked by Moore himself. The Restaurant, Private Dining and Bar have a stylish palette of chocolate browns, silvers and graphites that contrast with the spectacular views outside to make them feel like part of the venue itself rather than just the vista beyond. Soft, ambient light installations, plush couches and deep leather chairs leave guests feeling immediately at home yet also a world away in equal measure.

The multi-layered dining offer is global and modern providing different options at the same time in the same space creating energy and buzz.

With daytime views of the harbour city reaching to the horizon and the magical sight of Sydney lit up at night, the stunning vista becoming an integral part of the dining experience.

The private dining room, Salon Privé, delivers first class dining with breathtaking views in intimate surrounds. A collaboration between Michael Moore and renowned New York designer Thomas Bucich, the room features silver leaf walls delicately applied by hand, glowing wall panels for elegant ambiance and gold mohair touches, giving the room a luxurious feel.

 The humming lobby bar on the upper level is the perfect spot to perch on a stool as the talented bar staff mix classic and contemporary cocktails that rival the best in New York or London, created with an extensive range of top shelf spirits. On the revolving lower level, guests can recline in the deep, circular chairs and feel the vibe as the city passes by 47 floors below.

Having been the owner in its previous incarnation, Michael had insight for creating the new space.

“Obviously the revolving element of the venue is the standout feature and the views are pretty hard to beat from 47 floors above the city” commented Michael Moore on the design of the venue. ” wanted it to feel relaxed, contemporary, fun and sophisticated. The venue always has a great vibe to it, particularly at night.

The materials formed the basis of the overall design concept delivery. When deciding upon the colour scheme and textural qualities of the space, extensive mood boards were created to make sure the best palette for the space was chosen.

The element that really ties the concept together is, according to Michael, the new bar area.

“It was previously a service bar only and is now a functioning bar that guests can sit at and enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine,” he said. “I think the element of the redesign that has had the biggest impact has been the silver leafing on the bar and the black granite top. I actually designed the lamps and had them custom made. I think they’re highly effective despite having little structure.”

Lighting is very important to create moods and zones within a large venue. The crucial element that Michael had to account for was that with a rotating floor, the lighting has to be consistent throughout as the floor moves around so lighting touches have to be creatively introduced in other ways.